How Jevtana May Help

JEVTANA helped men live longer and shrunk tumors after docetaxel

The effectiveness of JEVTANA was proven in a clinical study of 755 men who:

  • Had prostate cancer that spread to other parts of the body
  • Were no longer responding to medical or surgical treatment to lower testosterone
  • Had previously received treatment with docetaxel, a type of anti-cancer infusion medicine

In the clinical study,
JEVTANA improved overall survival in men:

Reduced risk of death 30%

vs mitoxantrone The number of deaths were 234 (62%) out of 378 men with JEVTANA and 279 (74%) out of 377 men with mitoxantrone.

Prolonged median overall survival to 15.1 months

vs 12.7 months with mitoxantrone

Shrunk tumors in 3X more men

14.4% vs. 4.4% with mitoxantrone

The effectiveness of JEVTANA was also proven in a clinical study of 1,200 men looking at the risk and benefits of two different dosing options: 20 mg/m2 versus 25 mg/m2.

Please talk to your healthcare provider to learn more.

The median overall survival is the length of time from either the date of diagnosis or the start of treatment for a disease, such as cancer, that half of the patients in a group of patients diagnosed with the disease are still alive. (NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms. National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health website. Accessed November 1, 2016.)

Did you know?

In the study, JEVTANA was compared to an active anti-cancer treatment called mitoxantrone. This is different from a placebo-controlled study, where one treatment is compared with placebo — a substance or treatment with no active therapeutic effect.