JEVTANA shrinks tumors by attacking rapidly dividing cells, including cancer cells, so they can no longer grow and divide

In someone with advanced prostate cancer, the cells in the prostate no longer work properly, disrupting the healthy cell cycle. Once these unhealthy cells have started to spread to parts of the body beyond the prostate, they can cause many health issues.

How JEVTANA is Designed to Work in the Body

Did you know?

JEVTANA is a type of chemotherapy made from a material
originally found in the needles of a yew tree.

  • This European yew tree is called Taxus baccata.
    That’s why JEVTANA is called a taxane
  • A taxane is a type of chemotherapy
  • JEVTANA has a unique chemical structure that’s different from the chemotherapy docetaxel (the chemotherapy prescribed before you receive JEVTANA)