Tips for Caregivers

Caring for someone with advanced prostate cancer

Caregivers can be a spouse, family, or friends. As a caregiver, you can provide an important source of support. Find some tips on the type of support you can provide and how to take care of yourself.

You can be a positive voice in the conversation about treatment

Sometimes your loved one may be reluctant to start a new treatment. His previous therapies may have been challenging. When exploring other options, it is important to know about the effectiveness, possible side effects, and expenses of any treatments his healthcare team may be recommending. See how you can be a positive voice in the discussion about treatment.

Encourage your loved one to talk to his healthcare team about JEVTANA.

Learn Together

Review this website together to learn more about advanced prostate cancer, how JEVTANA may be able to help when docetaxel is no longer working, and discuss possible side effects.

Schedule an appointment

Encourage your loved one to schedule an appointment. It will help him find out if JEVTANA is right for him.

Prepare for your visit

Prepare together before visiting the healthcare provider. Review the Getting to Know JEVTANA brochure, including a list of questions you can ask during your next appointment.

What I do to get through the rough times is I call my family, my kids… we talk and it kind of gets your mind onto something else and that’s what you need to do when you are feeling down.

- Joyce

Sharing her experience as a Caregiver.

Individual experiences may vary.

A video about caring for your loved one with advanced prostate cancer.

Tips for Caregivers

Tap into support along the way

Access Personal and Financial Support

Get your insurance questions answered and identify resources and support available to you and your loved one. CareASSIST Patient Support Program 

Help your loved one stay on track

Access this step-by-step guide to help your loved one get started and stay on track with his JEVTANA treatment plan. The JEVTANA TREATMENT GUIDE 

Connect with others along the way

Find support for you, access additional resources and connect with others. SUPPORT GROUPS