Talking To Your Healthcare Team

Find out if JEVTANA is right for you

If your disease is progressing and no longer responding to your current therapy, including docetaxel, JEVTANA may be right for you. As you consider your next step, feel empowered to take an active role working together with your whole healthcare team. Ask any questions you have about JEVTANA and your advanced prostate cancer to identify an individualized treatment plan that's right for you.

Some factors to consider discussing with your healthcare team when planning your next step:

Your age, medical history, and health status

Talk about how you feel and if your cancer is impacting you in your daily routine.

Your disease severity, speed of progression, and the amount and location of your metastatic sites

Review how far and which places your cancer has been spreading beyond the prostate and how quickly your PSA has been rising.

Your treatment goals and how JEVTANA may be able to help you fight back

Discuss the benefits and potential side effects of JEVTANA with your healthcare provider to find out if it is right for you.